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The idea of founding Indian Heart goes back to my encounter with India, which I discovered through my husband’s eyes and his family’s rituals. My musical project is rooted in my desire to share a powerful means of expression by connecting different cultures and countries, building bridges with words and notes. It’s always been important to me to observe the beauty of the world, to soak it up and pass it on, to make people happy and inspired!

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About me

I like people to talk about my music as world music:
it universally connects cultures and minds.

Throughout her musical career, Lara Khan has sought to build bridges between countries and cultures. She spreads the wisdom of an old soul with the infinite curiosity of a child: in search of the beauty of the world and the depth of emotion. Today, she shares with you the stories of her life and those she interprets with her voice and guitar, in the languages that form her roots of blood and heart: French, Hindi, Serbian, a little English and a hint of Urdu.


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